Nicole Bachmann

hovers above the chest

Nicole Bachmann, hovers above the chest, 2022, HD Video

hovers above the chest (2022)

HD Video, two-channel projection, multi-channel audio
20 mins

‘hovers above the chest’ (2022) was filmed in East London’s Hackney Marshes in 2021. Inspired by writers including Donna Haraway, Octavia E. Butler and Rosi Braidotti, the film is set in a moment in time when solidarity and connection have been eroded from the world, resulting in a feeling of mass alienation. It follows 3 characters forming a community based on sound, movement and touch, which leads them to build kinship based upon sensuous knowledge through bodily forms of expressions and experiences. They use their body and voice as vehicles to make connections and express emotions. Bachmann’s handheld approach to filming transpires a liveness and immediacy that is furthered by her use of sound, in which each character was given their own mike, allowing for their voices to be recorded and played separately.

With Nani Bhebhe, Patricia Langa and Cian McConn

Audio engineer Samuel J. Rodgers
Concept, directed, edited by Nicole Bachmann
Additional editing and support by Rafael Sommerhalder
Supported by The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia